The final 2024 Syllabus will be released once the provincial festival has completed their Syllabus.

Please come back after October 15, 2023.

Download the Syllabus appropriate for the performer. Rules will be downloaded with your selected Syllabus. Please read them carefully.

  • Registration Date:  Wednesday, January 25, 2023
  • We encourage participants to use the online registration but offer the PAPER ENTRY as an alternative. Download the fillable PDF, complete information, print and mail with payment.
We recommend having a printed copy of the Syllabus to select your classes prior to registering. Only Class Codes and Headings are visible on the registration pages.


Take Note - see specific syllabi for instrument specific updates


  1.  Register by Wednesday, January 25, 2023.
  2. The FINAL deadline with accompanying late fee of $25 is January 28. 2023.
  3. Duets, trios, quartets, concerti and choirs and welcomed again.
  4. Sight Reading classes are available this year.
  5. Open Classes – to be eligible, a competitor must be studying at the ARCT level. Age is not a requirement for these classes but level of study is.
  6. To be eligible to be named “Distinguished Award Winner” please see General Rules, #4.
  7. Please read the Syllabus and all General Rules.
  8. All registrants OR their teacher must reside in Windsor or Essex County, Chatham-Kent or Sarnia-Lambton.
  9. To be eligible for a money award, a competitor, in addition to receiving the adjudicator’s recommendation, must have performed at least 3 solos (excluding Studies); the fourth requirement may be another competitive solo, Studies, Sight Reading, Composition or an ensemble piece.
  10. During the Kiwanis Music Festival Windsor-Essex County, once an entrant is offered a recommendation to Provincial Competition by phone and email, that recommendation becomes null and void if it is not accepted within 24 hours after the offer is made. If entered in more than one local festival, competitors offered a provincial recommendation must accept the first offer.
  11. Competitors interested in qualifying for the Provincial Competition must comply with regulations pertaining to Provincial and Local Festivals. For provincial information and syllabus, visit or contact Mary Jeanne Peters at kiwanismj@gmail.comat the time of entries or before. In order for a solo performer to earn a provincial recommendation from a Kiwanis Music Festival Windsor-Essex County adjudicator, the registrant must have competed locally in a minimum of three (3) solo classes and achieved a minimum mark of 85 in each of the three.Open Classes in categories with levels/grades – to be eligible, a competitor must be studying at the ARCT level. Age is not a requirement for these classes but level of study is a requirement.