Download the Syllabus appropriate for the performer. Rules will be downloaded with your selected Syllabus. Please read them carefully.

  • ONLINE Registration Deadline: January 20, 2021
  • Late ONLINE Registration with $20 fee: January 27, 2021
  • We encourage participants to use the online registration but offer the PAPER ENTRY as an alternative. Download the fillable PDF 2021 Paper Entry Form below and submit using Canada Post.
We recommend having a printed copy of the Syllabus to select your classes prior to registering. Only Class Codes and Headings are visible on the registration pages.

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  Take Note 2021

  Please observe special notes on the Home Page which refer to specific instructions related to effects of Covid-19 on certain festival classes. 

  1. Please read the syllabus for your chosen discipline. It contains specific information about each category and class which the online registration does not hold.
  2. There are updates to the Piano Concerto classes. For those hoping to be recommended to the provincial level of competition please read the provincial syllabus which can be found on the website 
  1. There are updates to many Piano classes so please be sure to consult the syllabus. 
  1. Piano compositions identified as Studies by either the Canadian Conservatory or the Royal Conservatory of Music are NOT permitted in classes other than classes specifically for Studies. 
  1. The numbering system for Voice has changed completely. There are new classes as well. Please consult the syllabus prior to registering. 
  1. Level 9 Harp classes have been added to reflect the addition of that level in the RCM syllabus. 
  1. Brass and Woodwinds no longer have to perform from memory but it is highly recommended. It is not necessary at the provincial level. Competitors must provide their own music stand if they require one. 
  1. During the Kiwanis Music Festival Windsor-Essex County, once an entrant is offered a recommendation to Provincial Competition by phone and email, that recommendation becomes null and void if it is not accepted within 24 hours after the offer is made by phone and email.
  2. Reminder - the penalty fee for late entries received is $20.